I love to look at all the different kinds of innovations. We as people come up with many fun things and i try to make use of it. When i first started looking at these new adult gadgets i would feel really weird specially since i had to hide these things from my then girlfriend. However over time i’ve realized that more you do the things you want to without caring about what others might say the better your life will be.

Ive been living with this principle ever since. This blog is dedicated to the adult side of things that i come across and makes me really interested about. I do my homework and write about stuff that might be of interest to others. Things such as Adult dolls, SFM porn and adult games are the topics that i will be covering. Currently i work as in a boring IT company as a code monkey.

What is my goal with this blog?

I review a lot of adult products and games. So i will do my best to review them and give you information on things that are good. There are many adult products out there but finding the quality ones can be hard. I also go over the pricing because not everyone can buy $5k luxury dolls or VR games with touch sensations.