Cheap High Quality Sex Doll Under $1000

A Cheap High Quality sex doll might sound like a misnomer but hold on by the end of this article you will know just amazing even the low priced products can b . In today’s ever changing world things like a sex doll might seem like a very attractive alternative to the already well known general sex toys. Sex Dolls provide a lot more that the normal toys often lack. There has been a surge in the market for these types of products as of late. This has been really good for competition and a lot of companies have been working very hard. This lets consumers such as yourself can enjoy the finest works of human caliber.

There has been a lot of talks of these sex dolls replacing real human sex work. This may or may not be true. However what I do realize is that products like these do definitely reduce a lot of sexual frustrations that could be built up within us. This is a win win situation for anyone. By getting yourself a sex doll you are not only helping yourself but also the people around you.

Few things to keep in mind
  • Buying a life sized sex doll can seem like a huge commitment at first but it really is not.
  • Get ready to spend at least about $1k if you are looking for any sort of quality and durability.
  • Load up on lube. Lots of it.

Probably one of the Best Inflatable sex dolls

When you think about Inflatable sex dolls you probably thing about one of those really low quality balloon like inflatables that you see on TV. Maybe a bit something like this.

Just looking at something like this could be enough to kill your boner. But what if i told you there is a new player in the inflatable sex doll town? Well, many players most of these are Chinese companies who know what works because they have been in manufacturing for years.

These guys have developed some realistic looking dolls which can simply be inflated and still have texture and feel to it. This is what i’m talking about.

A Cheap Hiqh Quality sex doll inflatable
HQ Asian Blowup Doll

Price range: $50

That’s right you could grab one of these realistic sex dolls for as cheap as 2 days of coffee. Here are some more detailed pics of the feet and hands because why not.

Those can’t be blowup doll feet.

Bang For Buck Silicone Doll Torsos

You would be extremely lucky if you were able to find a full sex doll under $1.5k most of them under this price point are made of a much cheaper material called TPE. TPE is a low quality material and Silicone is a high quality material. It lasts longer and gives a more realistic feel with the price point of $299 this is an absolute steal. If you are just looking for a life like asshole and pussy to ram it into this is the right choice for you.

Das a fine doll-ass

100 CM TPE Dolls with Full Body

Enough talking about sleeves and torsos. After all whats the point of having a sex doll without having arms and legs? When you are looking for a high quality sex doll one of the most important things is the aesthetics of it. A lot of things go into determining the quality of these 100 CM TPE Dolls which could be S tier with everything you could ever want. Or it could be a complete F tier mess which could break down within weeks. Either way one of the only ways of determining the quality of such products is to read their reviews online. Here ill give a short review about one of the two 100 CM dolls that i’ve seen in action.

Keep this in mind though, Not all TPE models are the same. Some are of a much higher quality than others. Its all about finding the right company.

Here ill list a few different companies and some of their 100 CM models that i think are really good.

Ulovesexdoll – Aimme

Ulovesexdoll – Aimme Love Sex Doll with Metal Skeleton

Visit: Ulovesexdoll – Aimme

Price: $390

This is a really high quality sex doll for a TPE model the proportions are really good and overall you probably wont regret it if you are a careful user. This product ships with a cleaning kit so be sure to use it frequently when ever you use it. They say the face of this model was sculpted by a professional sculptor if you like it or not is up to you. If you ask me its not a bad design for the price.

Lets talk about the weight. Since this is becomes a very important thing once you get used to using these toys. This sex doll weighs about 12.8KG or about 28.22 lbs. This makes it so that it is light enough that you can move it easily by yourself and also has a good amount of weight to give it that firmness that a real person has.

Now for Depths of the holes. They reach an depth of about 14 CM Oral and Anal depths are about 13 CM. This shouldn’t be a problem even if you are bigger since TPE is a very stretchy material and can stretch up 5x the depth without any damage.

Cupsize: D. Most people love this size because it isnt too big big where it looks like some monster cow titties or neither flat like a man.

High Quality Sex Doll silicone in budget
Ovdoll – Misa

Ovdoll – Misa Silicone Sex Doll Japanese style

Link: Ovodoll – Misa

Price: $899

Remember how i earlier told you how most high quality silicone sex dolls cost more than $1.5k? Well, This product gives you all of that with a realistic very high quality product which costs less than a thousand dollars. $899 might seem like a lot but cheap is subjective and for this price this is a steal. It is said that silicone models can often come close to a real alternative to humans. There are some brothels that exclusively use these types of products to satisfy their clients. If you are looking a sub 1k product that could substitute a real human this is the best high quality sex doll for that. Just make sure you carry a lot of lube.

High Quality Sex Doll under $1k
Ovdoll – Misa sideshot

About the weight, She weighs about 12 KGs or 26.5 LBs. This means she is also really easy to move around and is firm when it comes to usage.

The depths with this one are a bit deeper. The vaginal depth is 16 CM, Asshole is about 15 CM and Oral about 11 CM. These depths make them really realistic if you think about it. Even if you are bigger there should be no problem because Silicone is a very durable material which can stretch easily.

Cupsize: Custom. You can select what cupsize you want with this one. There are also a lot more customize able aspects of this doll. The things you can customize are skin color, eye color, cup size and standing feature. This doll also has a steel frame inside and the joints are really well made and durable.

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