What is Breath Play and is it Worth the risk?

There are many people who may wonder what is breath play? This is because you might have heard about this topic quite a bit online and in movies. There have also been quite a few TV series like family guy which shows glenn suffocating himself while masturbating. This act is known as breath play aka Autoerotic Asphyxiation there aren’t many fetishes where the resulting outcome could be death but this is one of them. Now, i’m not someone who likes to kink shame so we will try to go over some ways breath play can be made safer. Would it still be risky? Absolutely.

Get a Breath play partner who knows what they are doing

Know the people who know what is breath play is crucial. You cannot just get someone who has no information about what this whole act is about and give them the control of your life. Well, you can and it really is your choice but its extremely risky.

In reality every person has different levels of breath tolerances it is very important to know your partners limits. Once you figure out these limits and the peak points where things are the best you will have the most enjoyment out of this sexual activity. I can’t stress it enough though that every single time you perform a breath play activity you are risking a stroke. This happens because when you cut off oxygen to your brain things can and many times do get freaky.

This is a dark art

Keep these points in mind

  • Remember every time you perform this act you are risking your or someones life
  • It is a high risk low-medium reward situation
  • People have landed in prison when their partner died
  • Always start slow and measure your partners capacities

Learn how to read your partner really well

What often happens is in the heat of the moment you might not realize your partner is in fact struggling to breath. Once they get to the point where they don’t have enough energy to even speak move their body you enter into a zone where things start to get dark. This is why its crucial to learn to know when is the right time to stop.

Passing out is considered a “normal” thing among the people who do this “professionally” but i’d question everything. If you reach to the point where your partner is passing out you should probably stop breath play entirely unless you plan on losing them forever.

So is it worth the risk?

Here’s a quick tip the average time a normal person can hold their breath is for 2 minutes according to wonderpolis. I personally avoid going above a 30 seconds and a few seconds plus or minus.

I believe no one should kink shame anything no matter how dark these desires are. If two people agree to these kinks and know what breath play is I have no say in what they do. That being said i would say its absolutely not worth the risk. There many more things that you can do to derive pleasure which aren’t this risky. There are way too many horror cases of people losing their loved ones in the heat of the moment.

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