What Materials are used for sex dolls? Find out

When it comes to sex dolls you might already be aware that there are many different types of dolls. It isn’t just in recent times that people have been experimenting with a substitute for the real thing. Its just that in the older times most of it was really difficult to get the real feel out of.

Blow up dolls

These dolls are made out of plastic usually and are very cheap luckily in the recent years the quality of these dolls has gone up significantly for a reference check out the asian blow up doll from this post. Usually these don’t have the right texture to it and are (obviously) extremely light weight. That being said they can still get the job done no doubt but after a while you might feel like you need to upgrade.

Silicone or TPE whats better?

Thermoplastic Elastomer or (TPE)

This is a new material in town the biggest advantage of this material over Silicone is that it is very cheap to make. Which means the dolls that have this material are very inexpensive relative to the silicone ones. The material is very soft and can bent and twisted any way you would like also you get to see the tits or the butt jiggle a bit when you’re smashing it. Which might be enough to make some people switch over to TPE. Dolls made from this material come back to their original position quite easily no matter how much they get stretched.

Now, TPE isn’t without its disadvantages one of the biggest complaints from people who use these sex dolls. With this material is that they are very porous and need immediate cleaning if there’s any spillage. Not doing so may cause the material to catch mold. Once it gets to that phase its almost impossible to recover it without spending a lot of time and energy. Another disadvantage is that the material can get sticky. Specially if you live in places where the temperature is above somewhere around 20 degrees Celsius. However you can solve this easily by using some baby powder.


This is much easier to clean and maintain since it isn’t as porous. Upon using both TPE and silicone dolls people have come to the conclusion that silicone dolls are the most realistic when it comes to the real feel of the vaginal and anal cavities.

silicone material sex doll
sex doll made from realistic feeling silicone material

Silicone too doesn’t come without its disadvantages for starters its almost 2.5x as expensive as the TPE variants. When compared to TPE is a much harder substance and when you try to feel the tits or the ass its going feel a lot firmer than normal.

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